First Wave Fitness
functional strength and conditioning

I am a dedicated and passionate personal trainer who has been actively involved in the health and fitness industry for over 4 years.


After overcoming my own struggle with fitness and weight loss to lose over 10% body fat, I now train for and regularly participates in the long course triathlon series, a sport I find challenging and unbelievably rewarding, not only physically, but mentally. Always looking to take my training to the next level,  I am now shifting my focus to the ironman circuit.


It has been this love of endurance training and overcoming multiple injuries that has led to my passion for functional strength training and rehabilitation.  I have built my business, First Wave Fitness on the principles of building efficient movement patterns and training foundations to help people look, move and feel better, knowing that if you spend the time doing the pre-hab the risk of injury can be significantly reduced.


I have worked with a diverse range of people from athletes, executives, to busy mums helping them to move better, feel better, lose weight and significantly reduce pain.



Specialising in;

• Functional Movement and Strength Training

• Postural Correction

• Abdominal Function

• Body Composition Analysis

• Fat Loss

• Nutrition

• Athlete Performance

• Movement Efficiency and Rehabilitation




• Cert III & IV in Fitness

• Accredited Rehab Essentials Trainer

• Accredited Functional and Core Connectivity Trainer

• Advanced Postural Analysis & Applied Exercise Prescription

• Rip:60 Suspension Training

• Kettlebell Instructor Level 2 (Accredited Ironedge Training)

• CIRQ Level 1 Instructor




“I can honestly say there is nothing more rewarding then witnessing people make life-altering changes, whether it’s losing weight,  alleviating pain, setting a personal best or completing a challenge they never thought possible. Nothing compares to that feeling that comes with these achievements. Witnessing the confidence and self-fulfilment in this for my clients is what drives me to do what I do every day and love every minute of it!"

First wave fitness